Project Golf Estate
Location Calabar, Nigeria
Size 60.000 m2
Programme Residential Development
Status Under Construction

Immersion of nature at Cross River State

ARROW was chosen as the winner of an international competition for the future development of Calabar Golf Estate located in the nature of the scenic Cross River State.

The solution for the project was to take advantage of the environment, while also ensuring a strong architectural identity that would adapt to its context. Created in close relation between local collaborators and the client, the initial design development ensured that the project would adapt successfully to the local conditions and requirements.

Micro-climate as the main design driver for a passive sustaiable housing design

The pitch roof typology has a strong architectural identity, reinterpreted to adapt to the varied site and its climatic challenges.
Rain, being the main challenge in Calabar for the building’s long-term maintenance, has also been one of the main design drivers in the design and the choice of solutions.

Pitched roof solutions and large overhangs of the main facades protect the main structure as well as providing added shading to the building.

Minimising the impact of construction on existing nature

The housing units are designed and positioned according to the terrain of the master plan to minimise the impact of the construction on the existing landscape.

Modern living in the beauty of Cross River State

The Calabar Golf Estate will be a natural extension of the Cross River State’s high ambition to create a truly unique destination in Nigeria.

It’s a new proposition for modern living in Nigeria with a touch of Scandinavian design, which will boast both the natural security and beauty that Cross River State has to offer.