Project Dap Yapi
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Size 112.800 m2
Programme Mixed-Use Development
Status Designed
Brief Our proposal for a new eco-office to be situated in Istanbul, Dap Yapi will also be home to retail spaces, connecting to the local neighbourhood via two main public spaces. By focusing the design on a strong sustainability concept, the project is not only environmentally friendly, but also has the ability to give back value to the existing community. This is a new destination to meet, shop and work.

A synergy between retail & offices

The design is composed of three main elements:

First, the retail, designed as a public landscape, which connects the two sites and the two buildings together.

Next, the two large towers, containing efficient office spaces, carefully designed around a strong sustainability concept.

And finally, the spectacular voids that flood the office spaces and commercial floors with daylight, creating a one of a kind destination in Istanbul and Turkey.

Together, these elements form a clear identity and will serve as an attraction for tenants and visitors alike, giving the project the best opportunities for success.



‘The building stands as two large wooden elements on top of a green public landscape. The project will be a beacon for sustainability on the Istanbul skyline’