Project Lagos Waterfront
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Size 700.000 m2
Programme Masterplan Development
Status Designed
Brief ARROW worked with the client to formulate a new vision for Lagos Waterfront and re-create the lost connection between the city and the sea.

Challenges & opportunites of Lagos Waterfront

Lagos Island has the potential to be more than what it currently is by being transformed into a place with a distinct and recognisable character, reflecting its position as the second largest African city.

We believe that the proposed site has the potential to fulfill a vision of a stronger identity for Lagos. The current site serves as a parking space with individual generators to supply the power consumption of Lagos Central Business District. Clearly underutilised, the area could and should serve a greater purpose.



‘Lagos Waterfront could be a thriving, serviced and secure city district, contributing to the continued development of the Central Business District of Lagos’

Reframing the relationship between the city and the water

The development could serve as a starting point for the much needed rejuvenation of Lagos Island. Lagos Waterfront will be defined by the existing building line and the existing road network, upgrading the main street that connects the waterfront with the rest of Lagos Island.

Having the potential to transform into a green and lush boulevard, Lagos could also become a destination for tourists with its new and vibrant shopping streets.

As secondary roads divide the waterfront into different neighbourhoods, each with their own identity, more importantly, it will also recreate a relationship between the city and water.