Project Commercial Block
Location Dublin, Ireland
Size 53.300 m2
Programme Commercial Development
Status Under Construction
Brief Part of the Dublin Landings development, ARROW designed a new community in the Docklands that comprises of working, residential and commercial spaces.

Authenticity at the very heart of it all

With its strong and robust identity, Dublin’s docklands have an inherent tactile quality, which respond to human scale by creating a distinctive sense of place.

Keeping in tone with the rest of the area, the commercial aspect of Dublin Landings continues to utilise heavy and durable materials like natural woods and bricks as found in the residential areas of the development, fitting not only perfectly into its surroundings, but furthermore, giving the place a strong sense of identity.



‘By mixing high-end living with high quality commercial spaces, Dublin Landings is the result of a holistic design development, setting a new benchmark for mixed-use buildings’


Enhancing variation and scale

The overall urban form was created to enhance variation and scale by means of differentiated building massing and roof forms.

It is this strategic placement of volumes with its varying proportions and scale, which both allows for views of the river Liffey to be opened up as well as for sunlight to flood the blocks with daylight.

The result is a development that reconnects the new area to the docklands’ vibrant history, while also celebrating the local nature in the process.