Project 2nd Ave New York
Location New York, USA
Size 10.000 m2
Programme Medical Clinic
Status Designed
Brief ARROW designed a state-of-the art Medical Clinic near Central Park in New York, which would stand out from its surroundings.

New York’s heritage is our inspiration

We believe that the buildings that stand out in a city are the ones that have been able to remain loyal to one idea.

While it is common that architecture often competes against each other for attention in larger cities, some can lose an important relationship in the process – the one with the city’s heritage itself.

We therefore believe in working with our surroundings and celebrating a city’s history rather than ignoring it altogether, which will be a more profound way to connect its inhabitants with the architecture that surrounds them.

One strong idea, one unique identity

We have taken the repetitive and vertical expression of New York architecture and blended this with a more expressive design on the lower floors where the building meets the street and human scale.

Its expressive first floors create a strong signature that will be easy to remember and locate, while on the lower floors pedestrians and drivers will experience the building from another angle.

As the building leaves the street level and rises upwards it becomes an elegant, vertical structure that is optimised by good apartments, boasting rational space usage.