Project Nikoline Kochs Plads
Location Aarhus
Programme Mixed-Use
Status Designed
Brief The idea centred on how to create a good neighbourhood with ARROW putting the focus on the building’s lively plaza. By designing a building that will integrate into its environment and positively impact those living there, the aim was to create a strong local atmosphere, identity and soul everyone can connect with.

Urban living at its best

Our vision was to improve the existing urban space, i.e. Nikoline Kochs Plads (in the proximity of the development), by designing a building that embraces urban life as well as reinforces it.

The architectural expression takes its inspiration from its maritime location and historical architectural characteristics, commonly found at the docklands, including anything from the heavy cranes to the delicate and horizontal window openings.

Nikoline Kochs Plads is designed to create a new destination in Aarhus. Whether it’s to experience, to stay, to dine or to live, this location is putting the focus on both those that will live here as well as the environment.

The perfect respite in any season

The unique cut-out in the building above the plaza as seen in the images below, ties together the design with the life of the square by allowing direct sunlight to flood the space, while during dark Scandinavian winters, the “square box” provides shelter from the rain and strong winds coming in from the sea.

Thus, the project offers the perfect respite no matter the time of year, while firmly putting its focus on creating a place that connects people with each other and improves their overall wellbeing.




‘The building’s design embraces modern, urban living and also reinforces it’