Project Caucasus Centre for Unity
Location Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Size 8.500 m2
Programme Cultural Development
Status Designed
Brief ARROW and our clients defined the potential for a new regional identity that would express a reunited centre around the area of Caucasus.

A stronger regional identity

The location for the Caucasus Centre for Unity, or CCU, is at the exact point where the three countries of the Caucasus meet. Here Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia join together to build a common building for cultural exchange.

Visitors will be naturally drawn to this place due to its unique setting, architecture and the possibility of being able to stand in three countries at the same time.

The Caucasus Centre for Unity is a physical manifestation of a new Caucasus. One that is modern and has the willingness to show a new face to the world, embracing a possible future as one region.

The circle of Unity

Forming a democratic and equal space for the CCU, the circle stands as a symbol for a new common beginning for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to join together in a project for cultural exchange.

The building opens up in three locations to allow each country to enter the central part of the CCU, which will be a protected space, home to vegetation that is native to the three countries. Meanwhile, the circular facade will reflect the mountains of Caucasus; displaying that Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia all share the same historical setting.

Caucasus’ historical & cultural exchange centre

With a rich heritage, the Caucasus region has the potential of becoming an even more appealing destination for national, regional and international tourism.

Not only does this add to the purpose of helping to navigate its visitors through the regions – past, present and future – but, furthermore, the Centre for Unity will stand for a strong emblem of peace within national, regional and international realms.