Project Residential Block
Location Dublin, Ireland
Size 46.700 m2
Programme Residential Development
Status Under Construction
Brief For the residential vicinity of Dublin Landings our main focus was to create an environment where both architecture and landscape are in harmony with city life.

Bringing the outside in

The design inspiration for Dublin Landings was one of timeless simplicity, creating a clean and contemporary feel that will last the seasons. Metal cladding makes up the exterior as does hand-crafted brick, referencing Dublin’s rich historical and industrial heritage.

By binding together these diverse elements – the rugged, wild nature of Ireland with sleeker, modern architectural styles – our design not only respects its surrounding landscape, but also celebrates it by making it the focal point.

We’re bringing the outside in.


‘We incorporated several modes of architectural expression at Dublin Landings, as well as utilised separate but complementary materials in order to break the overall development into smaller “character blocks”, each with its own distinctive identity’

A non-pretentious space for a new community

Our key goal for Dublin Landings’ residential development was clear from the get-go: creating an environment where the architecture and landscape blend harmoniously into its modern city surroundings.

By providing a non-pretentious space for a growing dynamic community, Dublin Landings will be a place where the buildings and its robust materials, coupled with natural landscaping and charming streets, will proudly tell you where you are and make you feel a part of it.

At Dublin Landings you belong to a wider a community; a family.