Project Al Satwa
Location Dubai, UAE
Size 1.200.000 m2
Programme Masterplan Development
Status Designed
Brief The primary objective was to create a neighbourhood designed for people who want to make Dubai their home. Furthermore, the aim was to inspire the youth of the city whether that be to study, create or start their first business, all in a thriving environment of small and large global companies. Maximising shade and wind to create a strong outdoor life, Al Satwa will be a diverse destination, complementing what Dubai is currently missing.

The same process creates the same solutions. We need a different starting point.

Dubai is not just a stop on the road for us; it is a place where we should be able to raise our kids and be part of a wider community, creating roots and having a long and healthy life. Meanwhile, companies come here because there is a good mix of spaces up for rent and education facilities to attract young talent.

Al Satwa will cater to both these groups by creating an unparalleled space. While Dubai mostly boasts larger architecture, Al Satwa will defy the norm and remain smaller in scale, which will not only make it unique from the rest, but furthermore, will feel like a place of home.

More quality shared by all. Less carbon released by one.

High density = more shared quality = more sustainability

When providing a community with quality, this will want to be maintained to the highest degree possible by the people living there.

A sense of pride can trigger a dynamic community to work together, collectively, to create a more sustainable environment where using less carbon, energy and material become the norm.

Rooftop Living

We have designed an Art & Museum District within Al Satwa, bound to become a destination for the very best of rooftop socialising. Designed to have visual surveillance over public spaces to create a vibrant and safe environment, the buildings have a strong relationship between roof and street level activities. This is achieved by keeping the building heights low – between 3 and 5 story in height. With plenty of green spaces and a connection to the Rambla, comprising larger buildings and plenty of shopping opportunities, the Art & Museum District is well-connected like the rest of the site, boasting easy-to-reach distances that are family-friendly for all ages.

Business & Education District

The Business & Education District is formed by larger building footprints and higher densities than the other districts. Here you will find a combination of businesses and education facilities, which create a unique work environment in Dubai. This mix attracts both companies and students, creating a cool study environment and opportunities for innovation. Functioning beyond regular office hours with restaurants, entertainment, and residential offerings all found here, Al Satwa will be a thriving new urban location to live, work and study in.

Theatre District

Times Square in New York City is seen as the hub of the Broadway Theatre District. It’s one of the busiest pedestrian junctions and tourist destinations. The Square for Al Satwa is based on similar principles to that of Times Square and Piccadilly Circus (London), where theatres, cinemas, businesses, shops and restaurants are all located around the square, and will be in operation 24 hours a day. The Square, directly connected to the Rambla, will be of an open, shaded structure, giving it a more European character.

Wellness District

Comprising of open spaces and canals, the Wellness District was influenced by Amsterdam and moreover, the city’s narrow spaces, and how these correlate to water.

As wider, green spaces connect to the main canal, the area will be where high-density residential buildings will be found, home to schools and daycare facilities.

Souk District

The Souk District serves both as a secondary shopping street to the Rambla and as a shortcut through the site. Its narrow and shaded spaces make for an ideal outdoor shopping experience, while the district’s extensive residential units will result in a mix of visitors and locals alike. It is this mix, which will give the Souk District a unique quality unlike anywhere else.