Design process


We understand communication. We have developed a work methodology that is based around simple and direct communication, which allows us to work effectively as a design team, whether we are sitting in our offices in Copenhagen, Oslo or at the project. We have a network of clients and collaborators who we work with on a regular basis. Together, we have developed an integrated design and delivery process that allows us to deliver local projects with global knowledge, irrespective of where the project is located. Our clients get the benefit of our ability to leverage this network by receiving the right knowledge regarding their project at the precise point that it is needed.

Our design process | concept to completion

research & development



Review the project to identify the problems and the opportunities that dictate the concept design.


3-2-1 Concept

Develop 3 concepts, refine to two, select one.



Design simulation

Build a 3D concept model and run end-user simulations, benchmark with design KPIs.


Spatial Testing

Stress test the design for user experience, movement and traffic, flexibility, spatial impact, lighting and climate.



Functional Testing

Stress test the design for functionality, project economics, and buildability, benchmark with project KPIs.



Integrate the delivery team fully into the design process and begin the delivery phase.



Production Design

Manage the design process during the production phase. resolve new design issues as they arise.


Onsite Design

Follow design issues during construction phase and resolve new design issues as they arise.

Agile delivery

Our delivery process is based on three core concepts: centralised design data, designated decision points and on-site service. We use communication technology that allows every member of the design team to have a full and real-time overview of the project. Changes to the programme or the scope can be absorbed by the whole design team within a matter of minutes. This agile delivery process frees up time for designers and project managers, so any member of the team can be on site with less than 24 hours notice, achieved without disrupting the design progress, decision making or overall workflow.