Project Green Hall 2
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Size 13.500 m2
Programme Grade A Office Development
Status Completed
Brief A “Green productivity philosophy” was the motto here whereby modern technologies and nature go hand-in-hand. Transparent glass floods the interior with natural light, while the use of geothermal heating provides as much as 80% of energy necessary for heating, leaving minimal traces of CO2. Meanwhile, the double-skin facade reduces the demand for thermal energy and those who use electric cars will be able to rapidly charge them in the 44 kW power fast charging stations. Ecology lies even in the smallest details of Green Hall 2.

An interior design that pushes the limits

The common goal to achieve an expressive and state-of-the-art office building has allowed ARROW to create an environment where the exterior and interior merge in a unique way.

Designed to respect its surrounding landscape, GH2 integrates harmoniously into the environment. Fluid movements like the upper bend that represent the curves of the local river, demonstrates how both building and river flow together simultaneously, while the carefully chosen materials reflect the building’s respect for its surroundings.

Green Hall 2 is a celebration of nature.

Custom-made design

The dynamic interior of Green Hall 2 is expressed through its soft and organic curves, found throughout the space. Interior finishes like the furniture and other installations, are all custom-designed like “The Stone” – a bench – to match the architectural expression of the space both outside and in.

Meanwhile, a pyramid structure has been created along the ceiling and walls by a local dry wall installer, using plaster boards. The unique structure produces a beautiful play of light and shadow, giving both quality and shape to the elements as well as creating a dramatic and striking background scene, overpowering the space in the process.

The process of realisation

A modern geometric pattern takes its inspiration from the Japanese Origami tradition of paper folding, while also connecting to Lithuanian folk art in its geometrical forms. The result creates an overall strong dimensional impression and a striking work of wall art.

ARROW is present throughout the whole process, from initial design to onsite design whereby we continue to test the project’s concept to ensure that the overall vision and production design remain synchronised.