Project Green Hall 2
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Size 13.500 m2
Programme Multi-let office space
Status Completed
Brief ARROW was asked to design a Class A building that together with the existing Green Hall building will create a new business destination in Vilnius. The client desired a design that would be in harmony with the local nature of Vilnius.
Collaborators UAB Archinova

A new business destination in Vilnius

In close collaboration with the client, ARROW has defined the success criteria for a Class A building in the heart of Vilnius.

The common goal to construct an expressive, state-of-the-art office building has inspired ARROW to create a unique building in an exemplary location.

This was achieved partly by ARROW being present throughout the entire process – from the initial design stages to the on-site design, while also continuing to test the project to ensure that the overall vision of both project and production design remain synchronised.

The process of creativity

With the characters and constrains of the site as the design generator, Green Hall 2’s shape integrates harmoniously into its surroundings, giving the building its overall dynamic character.

It is this expressive shape, which offers high-quality rental space that will attract many visitors to the building.

Overlooking a beautiful green landscape set along the river, the area surrounding Green Hall 2 invites its visitors to take a short pause to appreciate the building and its surroundings.

From design concept to reality

The fluid character of the building has been carefully honed in order to ensure that the project will be delivered with the highest possible standards.

This process enabled ARROW to handover a detailed package of information from which the local collaborators could initiate their work.

Within a short time frame, the project went from being a concept design into a project from where the building emerged on site.