Project Calabar Golf Club
Location Calabar, Nigeria
Size 15.000 m2
Programme Golf Club & Leisure Center
Status Designed
Brief The word of inspiration for Calabar Golf Club was immersion - a project that was designed to enhance the natural beauty of the site as well as highlight the resources found at Cross River State.

Corridors of a rich vegetation

The golf courses are designed as corridors in this rich vegetation with the task of the clubhouse being to further enhance this idea, so that Calabar Golf Course will be an exclusively unique destination for all.

Designed to celebrate local nature

Positioned on a gentle south-facing slope with commanding views of the Cross River (this is also where most of the 18 holes are located), the clubhouse was designed to cleverly fit into its environment. With a more narrow design, the house merely acts as a filter for users between their arrival point and the grander landscape.

A relaxed atmosphere

Built up of 6×6 meter large modules that mirror the large steps following the slope of the hill, the clubhouse features a descending and varied environment for its different functions. As you move through and down the steps the view opens up and the spaces become taller with changing levels creating an overall relaxed atmosphere that boast a variety of seating and spatial experiences. This makes for a welcoming and intimate atmosphere, which will be admired by golf club members and visitors alike.

A roof protecting against the elements

Covered by a large white roof, this extends to all sides and protects the facades as well as terraces from the sun and rain. Its gentle slope opens the building towards the landscape, resting on slender steel columns and heavier closed volumes of the building.