Project Akbar Plaza
Location Almaty, Kazakhstan
Size 31.200 m2
Programme Mixed-use Development
Status Designed
Brief We believe that like in a city where spatial richness is achieved by a mix of different programmes, ideal work spaces should also have contrasts and changing, working environments. When designing mixed-use spaces, awareness of new technologies, which allows spaces to be more flexible, is essential. The idea was that the facade design is like a large green veranda with shade and green plants overlooking the city. Offering views along Bogenbai Batyr Street, we wanted to create a strong identity that attracts people towards the building, opening up and inviting you to look inside.

Sustainability, identity and impact

By optimising the volume according to the site and constructing an atrium, plenty of daylight will flood both the office and retail spaces.

On the other hand, slicing up the building into modules brings down the overall scale, as the movement opens up views along the street for a greater visual impact, creating a building that’s expressive, fostering a strong identity.

While water is being collected for re-usage and storage, our green facade, meanwhile, creates a healthy indoor working environment and climate for those working here, a reason as to why the building should receive an LEED gold certification with confidence.

A green landmark for Almaty

Akbar Plaza will be situated at the corner of Zheltoksan and Bogenbai Batyr Street. A modern statement that is respectful of its environment, the new building will offer its occupants optimal conditions and efficiency in terms of how the space will be occupied and used.

We aim that Akbar Plaza will become a flagship for sustainable development in Almaty thanks to harmoniously blending into its surroundings. With green spaces on varying floors, offering good space qualities inside the building for the benefit of visitors and people working here, Akbar Plaza communicates its modernity and green consciousness, effortlessly.

Boutique hotel

The building’s large entrances clearly mark its main functions. With prominent addresses, there is no better place to build an exclusive new boutique hotel than here, which supports both the retail and office functions, as they become a natural meeting place for people visiting or passing by.

Meanwhile, green gardens and terraces make up the facade, giving both a visual identity and functionality to the different floors where they are either used as a meeting space on the office level or as terraces for outdoor dining on the retail levels, supplementing the exclusiveness of the corner suites.

With a confident design we are able to create a destination that can compete with any other ongoing projects in Almaty.