Project Konstitucijos Avenue 18
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Size 19.000 m2
Programme Mixed-Use Development
Status Designed
Brief K18 will serve as a new office complex and 3-4 star hotel in the heart of Vilnius. There is a possibility for shared facility spaces where the two separate volumes connect into one, including a canteen/restaurant, serviced conference/meeting spaces and a gym as well as additional hotel functions and rooms.

Connecting Old and New

The desired proposal was to merge the city together by addressing the current deficits of the site, as we believe that as a city Vilnius needs to make a stronger connection between these two parts, drawing on the benefits of both potential synergies.

Over time, the Urban Hill should transform from a skyline to a spatial experience, giving more distinctiveness to the new city and creating a clearer conceptual idea of the area.

Furthermore, building here also needs to set a standard for the ambitions of future projects in the new city, becoming an emblem of future creativity, while retaining a distinctive identity that’s in harmony with its context.

A 3-4* hotel in the heart of Vilnius

The taller part of the building is where the hotel will be housed with the entrance facing Konstucijos Avenue towards the Old Town. In its design, the main focus was to create a natural flow of activity with the grand staircase being the focal point of the external space. Meanwhile, on the lower grounds of the hotel, a restaurant will span onto a new public square where visitors can enjoy the south/western exposure.

By uniting these two distinct parts of the building in one interconnected sculptural form, the continuous lines of the shape creates a distinct silhouette that allows for the different existing landmarks of the New City, like the Europa tower and the Municipality, to remain visible.




‘A modern interpretation of local heritage’

Just off Konstucijos Avenue, a more formal arrival area for the hotel and the offices will create a continuous flow of people. At the base of the building, facing the river, visitors will find a more recreational and calm atmosphere with a good connection on to the new park landscape.

While the geometry is straight and vertical towards Konstucijos Avenue, proceeding the Old Town, we find more softness, which relates strongly to the Neris and aims to create a sympathetic relationship to the Europa Tower as seen from the Old Town.

It also creates an elegant sculptural profile that discreetly distinguishes it from the surrounding buildings. A calm and repetitive horizontal profiling of the facades reinforces the sculptural character of the shape. The horizontal profiling also serves to form the steps of the large public stairs and unifies the pedestrian passage with the overall architecture of the project.

Thus, the design, skyline, access and public flow become one form and one expression.

K18 features a simple yet expressive design that creates a strong silhouette on the skyline of Vilnius; one that accentuates the connection between the Old Town and New City, acting as a strong attraction point.

It is this design, which not only introduces a modern gate to Vilnius, but also beautifully emphasises one of the city’s historic characters in the process.