Project Millennial Housing
Location New York, USA
Programme Mixed-Use
Status Designed
Brief We explored Millennial housing and the future of residential developments. The location of services, amenities and shared spaces will be key to successful new residential schemes. At unit level, developers and designers will maximise value for the buyer by rebalancing private unit needs with shared development space.

Membership is the new black

Millennials are a new type of consumer. The manner in which they approach buying decisions, brand values, debt and ownership is different than to that of any previous generation.

We hope to enhance the future of real estate by creating living spaces with integrated design solutions, strong brands and living identities. These would combine customised living and better shared lifestyle services, which redefine future living altogether.


In a new world of millennial spending patterns, membership is the new black.




‘Shared facilities and exposure will be more important than private spaces’

Experience over ownership

Future development will be about creating spaces, functions and services that overlap and combine as a single, personalised lifestyle offering. By connecting with customers through a proposition of shared values, the key to establishing this connection will be allowing the consumer to add a personal touch, that personal stamp.

What do we mean by a personalised lifestyle offering? To us, personalised living means developing residential spaces that offer those living there the flexibility to tailor living arrangements to suit one’s changing needs without having to make drastic changes to location, lifestyle or financial commitments – we believe that this will raise the bar for a higher quality life.

As “living more” becomes the Millennial approach to spending, “experience over ownership” will be the new motto to live by now.