Project Växthuset
Location Linköping, Sweden
Size 7.800 m2
Programme Multi-Hall Centre
Status In progress
Brief A welcoming building for all, Växthuset will combine multiple functions in one space, inviting visitors to experience a more vibrant everyday life. As a multi-hall, the space can be rebuilt and used as a sports hall, event or concert hall; its functionality and variety being an important part and at the core of the building.

An industrial feel, but with a touch of warmth

Situated in older, industrial buildings, the outer and interior design presents an interesting and unexpected contrast. With its high ceilings and use of metal and concrete, the building clearly feels industrial – however, for it to be an inviting space for users, it was important for ARROW to also add a touch of warmth to the overall design.

This was achieved by incorporating wooden details, which, when juxtaposed with black walls and darker furnishings, bestows its surroundings with a cosy, mature feel.




‘Växthuset completely reinvents the idea of how larger halls will function and be used in the future’

Meet the Multi-Hall

At its core, Växthuset should exude a raw, industrial feel. Concrete floors span throughout the atrium, while steel is paired with warmer tones like wood; the design, finding a beautiful balance between the two contrasting styles.

Serving endless possibilities, the mutli-hall can be utilised for anything from sporting events to concerts or rebuilt for fairs. Cleverly adapting to the right need, through changing light systems, for instance, Växthuset completely reinvents the idea of how larger halls will function and be used in the future.