Project Verkstan
Location Linköping, Sweden
Size 11.450 m2
Programme Grade A Office Development
Status Under Construction
Brief Verkstan will be the development's new urban innovation environment. Our main goal was to create a space where we would further opportunities for both open and focused collaborations between companies, institutions and individuals working here. Verkstan will not only be home to offices, but furthermore, innovation and strategic affairs development, based on new technology and knowledge.

A smart neighbourhood

The ambition of a mixed-use development is to add variety and contrast to Linköping’s city life, while also attracting trade, as exhibiting entrepreneurship will likely lead to good development of the area.

Being a “smart neighbourhood”, CleanTech solutions have been integrated and optimised as required by companies and institutions, residents and visitors, as to develop a more compact urban environment with a mix of functional solutions, which will ensure that ARROW builds architecture of the future.




‘How to make the place for living workable – and the place for work lovable?’

The future's growth environment

Verkstan is expected to become an environment for innovation and strategic affairs development based on new technology and knowledge. In collaboration with the university and government institutions, Verkstan will be home to features of research and experimental development (FoU), which will widely benefit the areas.

The district can thus develop into a neighbourhood beyond the expected and, to a varying extent, act as a ‘living laboratory’; a place to develop, systematically test and demonstrate new and environmentally-friendly solutions.