Project Telli Boutique
Location Almaty, Kazakhstan
Size 500 m2
Programme Interior Design
Status Completed
Brief At the very heart of Telli Boutique's interior design was to tell a story; namely that of Almaty itself, the city also being known as "City of Apples". Apple trees are of great importance to locals here and we wanted to work with this concept by making the apple tree a key symbol of the boutique's design. We have achieved this by constructing large, wooden oak features, found within the space, which are representative of an apple tree, while they are also supposed to connect the different spaces of the boutique into one unity.

An interior design that celebrates its surroundings

The large, wooden oak feature found within the space is representative of an apple tree and is supposed to connect different spaces of the boutique such as the shop with relaxation areas and the gallery.

Just like the tree connects these distinct areas, it also becomes an abstraction in itself, as it is made out of individual elements or branches that become one tree, giving the space more of an organic feel.

Supporting the local community

Meanwhile, the locally-sourced wood was used to aesthetically tie all these varying elements together in harmony, accented by splashes of brass trimmings and natural stone flooring spanning throughout.

All-natural and honest

Inspired by nature, the project was to support the natural feel of the products that Telli stocks, while also respecting its surroundings. Combined, these directly mirror the deeper brand values Telli likes to associate itself with by being precursors of all-things organic, all-natural and honest.